DAG-ODA Lab almost ready

In cooperation with the DAG (Eastern Anatolia Observatory) 4-m telescope project and with the support of the Ministry of Development we have been working on preparing a laboratory for astronomical detector characterization and tests. The first stage of the project is now over, where our optical tables and some of the electronics are acquired together with the establishment of the laboratory at the Astronomy and Space Sciences Department building.


Research at Aspen Center for Physics

Two of our members (Kai Schwenzer and Tolga Guver) won prestigious Simons Foundation Fellowships to perform research and attend conferences at the Aspen Center for Physics Colorado USA.

Our members will go at different dates to the center during this summer to attend workshops “Neutron Stars: Linking Nuclear Physics of the Interior to Electromagnetic Observations and Gravitational Radiation”  and “Astrophysics of Gravitational Radiation Sources and Multimessenger Astronomy in the Era of LIGO Detections” and also do research on astrophysics. 


Three of our members are being funded to attend conferences

We are very happy to announce that Eda Vurgun and Tuğba Boztepe has been granted full financial support to attend Annual NewCompStar Conference 2017 in Warsaw, while Duygu Durmuş also has been granted full financial support to attend the The Fourth Azarquiel School of Astronomy: a Bridge between East and West.

Further details on their contributions to these meetings will be posted after their attendance. We congratulate our members for their success.

Seminars on Compact Objects and Gamma-Ray Bursts

Seminar Series on Compact Objects and Gamma-Ray Bursts has started with a first introduction from Kai Schwenzer. You may follow up the videos on this page.

Supplementary Material :

Exercise 2

Solutions of Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Solution of Exercise 3

Final Exercises

Records and Presentations of individual seminars :

01 – Introduction to Compact Stars (pdf) by Kai Schwenzer, Feb 13, 2017

02 – Dense Matter (pdf) by Kai Schwenzer, Feb 20, 2017

03 – Exotic Matter (pdf) by Kai Schwenzer, Feb 27, 2017

Section 3.3

04 – Superfluidity and Phase diagram of dense matter

Surface Emission from Neutron Stars

GRBs Introduction pdf

Observational Properties of AXPs and SGRs pdf

GRB notes 1 pdf

GRB notes 2 pdf

GRB Afterglows pdf


GRB prompt emission

GRB progenitors and host galaxies

A Special Session on EWASS 2017 Organized by Tolga Guver

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to submit an abstract for a contributed oral or poster
presentation for Special Session SS6 “Exploring Neutron Star Structure
by Timing and Spectroscopy” to be held during EWASS2017 in Prague, Czech
Republic. Information about EWASS 2017 and our special session can be
found at 

http://eas.unige.ch/EWASS2017/ and 

The contributed talks will be 20 minutes long, including the questions.

Abstracts can be submitted electronically using

Important dates (http://eas.unige.ch/EWASS2017/dates.jsp):
10 February 2017 Very early registration deadline
8 March 2017 Deadline for submitting abstracts
26 June 2017 Deadline regular registration
26-30 June 2017 EWASS 2017 
27 June 2017 Special Session SS6

Hoping to see you in Prague in June 2017!

We apologize if you receive multiple copies of this email.

Best Regards,

Tolga Guver
Rudy Wijnands
Ali Alpar
Zaven Arzoumanian
Nathalie Degenaar
Feryal Özel
Patrick Weltevrede

Seminar Series from our group

Massimiliano De Pasquale, Kai Schwenzer & Tolga Güver from our group together with Ali Alpar, will be giving a series of seminars on Gamma-Ray Bursts and Compact Objects in our universe.

The seminars will start on February 13th 13:30 at Istanbul University Astronomy and Space Sciences Department.

If you are interested please feel free to fill in the form at the following address :



Poster of the seminars